admit,A�verb, ~
to allow as valid; to acknowledge; to permit entry; to accept in a particular position.

Welcome to ADD-mit.

This blog is written by Shelly, the mother of a beautiful and challenging boy with ADHD. You can read about her story in the first post, “What kind of a mother are you?”

This is a forum for sharing the stories and struggles faced by ADD/ADHD kids and their parents, so that we can open up and own up about this condition and the very real issues of living with it and near it on a daily basis.

We want to encourage ADD and ADHD sufferers to come forward and admit to having this condition – to come out of the shadows and to admit that it’s very real – to share their stories (the funny and the frustrating), to take away the judgement and stigma – and ultimately to celebrate and embraceA�ADD/ADHD and Autism spectrum children – these precious children living precarious lives.